Torch Voices: Lauren Perry

Dear Torch Editor,

As I was reading The Torch last week, I came across Josh Crowton’s article on advisement at Ferris State. For the most part, I agree with this article.

I am a Music Industry Management student within the college of business. My advisor, Dan Cronk does an excellent job as the MIM program coordinator, a professor, and also as advisor to our RSO, the Music Industry Management Association. However, with more than 200 students enrolled in the MIM program, it would be impossible for Dan to handle all of these student concerns on his own.

In 2007, our program was graced with our administrative assistant, Lori Armstrong. Lori handles program recruitment, admissions, orientation, and assists the Dan with all academic advisements. She meets with us one on one each semester and makes sure we are on track with our classes. Not only does she help guide our academics individually, but also she has a genuine interest in each student on a personal level. She takes the time to get to know each student’s background and goals. She authentically cares about our internships, part-time jobs, RSO participation, and whatever else we have going on in our lives.

From my personal experience, I know I would not have gotten the kind of help and assistance I needed if it weren’t for the productive team that is Dan Cronk and Lori Armstrong combined. In a joint effort, they are able to accommodate the needs of all the Music Industry Management students, providing the guidance and assistance that is so vital to any college student trying to navigate their way through school. Whether it be help registering for classes, advice in regards to internships and the future, or just a listening ear, Dan and Lori tackle whatever task is at hand.

I can confidently say that I have received the best of the best in direction and guidance from Dan and Lori. I know some other colleges and programs do not provide such assistance to students, so, for this I feel truly lucky.

Lauren Perry

Senior, Music Industry Management