Torch Voices: Lori Bruno

Dear Editor,

Should employers perform drug testing as a matter of pre-employment and continued employment? The answer is a resounding yes. Employers have an obligation to provide their employees and customers with a safe and healthy work environment. Drug testing will also help reduce on the job deaths and employee work related accidents.

I believe that drug testing is essential in providing a safe work environment. I would not want to be working with another employee who is on drugs or alcohol during working hours. My safety is a priority and I don’t want someone else who is on drugs or alcohol jeopardizing that safety.

Of course it is at the option of an employee to partake in using drugs or alcohol, but another employee should not compromise my safety in the work place. Bad decisions can affect a lot of innocent people. The productivity, safety, worker’s compensation costs and employee morale can be affected by one on-the-job accident involving drugs or alcohol.

To try to mitigate drug use in the workplace, the employer needs to have a comprehensive drug-free program in effect. This should include a written formal policy, supervisory training, employee education, drug testing and employee assistance. Zero tolerance should be enforced when an employee violates the policy. Drug testing in the workplace is a very helpful tool when trying to ensure the safety of the employer’s workforce. While equipment, supplies and tools can be replaced, a human life cannot.


Lori Bruno

Junior, Human Resource Management