New year, new changes

In the past, I’ve made New Year’s resolutions, but I’ve always ended up breaking them.

In recent times, I’ve given up on the idea entirely. This year, though, I’ve decided that I’m going to give it a shot and start this year off differently. There are some old habits I’d definitely like to toss out along with last year’s clothes.

Many common New Year’s resolutions people make are to lose weight, get a new job, or find love. There are a lot of them, and the success rates of these resolutions are not high. Usually by the end of January, individuals have broken every single one.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to learn to look forward to the future instead of dwelling in the past. I’ve always told myself I’m going to stop worrying and thinking about events that are gone with the previous year.

Unfortunately, I always end up falling back on my old ways, but this time I want to make this goal come true. I’m sure we’ve all told ourselves, “This year, I’m going to reach this goal,” but then we become discouraged when we hit a roadblock and give up.

I believe the biggest problem, for many of us, is we want to see a change within the first 24 hours of making our resolution, which is impossible. This is my misconception; I want to see results with the snap of my fingers.

We’ve become accustomed to wanting immediate results in our fast-paced world. I’m quite impatient and want to meet my goal instantly, which just doesn’t happen.

If we want our New Year’s resolutions to work, we’ve got to ask ourselves how much we want a certain change in our lives and if it’s realistic. I also recently saw on the news that having support from others helps us keep our resolutions.

Also, we have to adjust to the changes we’ll have to make in order to keep that resolution. If you want to get straight A’s during the semester, you’ll have to prioritize your time by making your classes your No.1 priority and working hard in them to obtain those grades.

It is difficult to rid your life of habits you’ve been accustomed to for a long period of time. I’m in the bad habit of going to bed late and getting up early, as I’m sure many of you are as well.

I’m sure some of you would like to finally save up enough money to buy that new car or land that awesome internship. I’m planning on making some positive changes that will benefit me in various ways.

So, let’s all commit to making this year different than the past ones by taking our life one day at a time, not giving up after a mistake, and becoming the best we can be. Are you with me? n