Ferris students help Japan

Over $200 raised to help disaster victims

The Ferris Hospitality Gala Management team organized the event, Cover the Seal in the quad by collecting loose change from Ferris students in order to raise money to help those who were devastated by the March 11 earthquake/tsunami in Japan.

The Hospitality Gala Management team worked together to come up with an idea to help the victims affected by the disaster. In addition, the Alumni Gold Club participated in the event as well.

Justin Wensel, a senior in the hospitality management program, said over $270 was donated to the cause.

“Out of all the people walking across the quad, I would say we had about half of the students donate at least a little bit,” said Wensel.

Wensel also said, “This idea to cover the seal was brought up the week before the Gala and we quickly moved forward with it to ensure that it happened. The initial idea was brought up by our advisor, Amy Dorey.”

Brianne Staley, a Ferris sophomore in the hospitality management program, said she believes students were very willing to donate.

“I was very impressed by the amount we raised,” said Staley.

Staley also said the entire Gala Management Team worked together to brainstorm ways to help out one another and decided the Cover the Seal event was the best idea.

This was their first time doing a Cover the Seal project, and they felt it went relatively well.

Wensel said, “Thought it would be nice for every single student to stop by and donate money; that simply is not feasible.” Wensel believes a decent amount of students donated to the cause.

The Hospitality Gala Management team did not have a particular goal for an amount of money; they were trying to get students to donate as much as possible, even if it was just a small amount of money to help the victims.

The event was held March 21. The donations went to the American Red Cross disaster relief fund – the complete total raised was $278.

“We just felt that it was a horrific event and that we needed to do our part to help out,” said Staley. n