Letter to the Editor: Lynn Spann

Letter to the Editor

In reading the editorials about online hookup sites, I find a very glaring omission. Why is sex so important in the first place? Is it only physical or is there more to it? Is it eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die, truly?

Ladies, be honest like Josh implies. What is it that you truly want out of a sexual encounter? I’ll bet most of your prospective partners don’t have a clue even if you know. Don’t you want to make a connection with one other person and have that person accept you for who you are the way you are? Don’t you want that person to value you and have respect? Isn’t the idea that he considers you more important than himself?

Call me old fashion but that’s the way I want my wife to feel. It’s also the way I want my daughters to feel someday. Maybe my wife and I did something wrong by raising boys to respect girls, but I don’t think so. if you ever meet one of them, I think you will agree.

Lynn Spann