Letter to the Editor: Student Ambassadors

The articles in the March 16, 2011 edition of The Torch regarding ‘white-baggers’ were written unprofessionally and unfairly. As legal adults soon to enter the “real world,” we should be exhibiting mature behavior, especially towards visitors of our campus. These ‘white-baggers’, (hereinafter referred to as ‘visitors’ or ‘guests’), tour campus with the possibility of later attending Ferris. As representatives of Ferris, all students should be courteous to our guests/future classmates, especially in potentially confusing places like the Rock.

Put yourself in the guests’ shoes…you should have been there once anyways. We all struggled to figure things out when the new Rock opened, let alone our first day on campus, so you shouldn’t expect first-time visitors to understand how the Rock works.

Rather than being part of the problem and complaining, become part of the solution. If you notice a visitor looking confused at the Rock, ask them if they need help finding something. It will make them feel more at ease, and would definitely speed things up for any student who has a limited time to eat. Pointing someone in the right direction will not only get them out of your way, but it will make things smoother and more enjoyable for everyone else.

We encourage students to utilize the campus calendar online to be aware of when Dawg Days occur in order to cut down congestion at the Rock. Daily visitors, however, are taken to the Rock around noon every day due to a set Admissions schedule. If you want to avoid the situation altogether, hike that extra 10 minutes to eat at Westview instead. As Lori Helmer was quoted in one of the articles, “The University’s future, our potential student recruits, is represented in these admissions groups. These groups are essential.” So why not show them how respectful and mature Ferris students can be by being more welcoming and considerate?

Student Ambassadors

Ferris State University