Breaking the bad habits

Some of these distractions can interrupt studies

Becoming Distracted: Jenna Burg, junior in radiography, is distracted from studying by Facebook. Many students find themselves trying to avoid bad study habits including surfing the web. Photo By: Sam Lehnert | Ad Layout Assistant
“Study” is a word all college students will say almost every day throughout their years at Ferris as there is always something to “study” for.

While studying is important and aides in the success of receiving A’s, acing projects, quizzes and tests, it often becomes repetitive, tedious and leads to something that all of us do at one point or another: procrastinate. With procrastination, poor study habits can arise.

Procrastination is a poor study habit itself. I am a major procrastinator. If I had a quarter for every single time I procrastinated on something, well, all of my college expenses would be paid for – true story.

Let’s talk about the biggest poor study habit of all: Facebook. I don’t believe there is one college student that can’t say they have neglected studying to check Facebook, or are on Faecbook while studying. I’ll admit I’m guilty.

I am almost always on Facebook, even when I’m studying or I’m supposed to be studying. It is not a productive habit at all and can lead to poor grades if too much time is spent on it and less time on studying. I can testify to this, too.

My recommendation for ignoring Facebook and studying when you must is this: stay off of it. If you absolutely can’t and find yourself typing it in the address bar, there is a program that will prevent you from accessing Facebook called SelfControl.

SelfControl is an application which blocks access to incoming and/or outgoing mail servers and websites for a predetermined period of time, according to its website. I know I’m going to download this, especially when it comes to test and exam time.

If you’re not as bad as I am, don’t check it as frequently. Limit yourself to 15 to 20 minute breaks to creep on your friends.

Another poor study habit, although it depends on the situation, is studying with friends. When you’re studying with friends, you want to start talking about other topics besides whatever it is that you’re studying.

When it comes to larger study groups (six to eight people), it can become a bit harder to get stuff done. Studying with one to three people may make it easier on yourself and everyone else – there will be fewer distractions and you’ll get stuff done.

It also depends on who you study with. Not all people are serious about keeping their grades up, so it’s important to study with people who are serious about academics – not ones who are floating on by.

The environment you study in also matters, but everyone is different. Some people prefer to study with noise, others with silence. However, if you’re sitting in your room or apartment listening to music or watching television, chances are you will not comprehend anything.

Sometimes I find myself studying with the TV on or with my ear-buds in, and I do OK, but

I’ve noticed I study more efficiently in silence – that’s what works for me. What works for you or someone else may be different. Some people can study just fine with the TV on or music playing. It depends on your learning style.

Another poor study habit is staying up all night. Sleep is crucial to function at your best. If you’re up all night drinking coffee and downing Monsters, you’re going to be one jittery, exhausted, jumbled up person the next day.

Manage your time wisely and don’t wait until the last minute. Set up a study time schedule and block out times when you will be studying. Write down assignments and dates of tests/quizzes in your planner.

Just remember–studying is necessary to keep your grades up and professors impressed. Also, remember Facebook isn’t going anywhere within those few hours.