From the ice to the gridiron

Is football the new hockey?

It was great to be at a football game and not be wishing for hockey season.

Junior running back Skyler Stoker’s go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter was as thrilling as any third period goal I’ve ever seen. Sorry, Zach Redmond. The hard hits of junior linebackers Tayo Moss and Alex Brajak rivaled those witnessed at Ewigleben Ice Arena. The only thing missing was the glass to slam their opponents into.

Friday night, a hockey school was a football school. Friday night, our very own Skyler Stoker outran and outplayed a preseason All-American, Joe Glendening. Friday night, the Bulldogs overcame overwhelming odds and defeated the nationally ranked Hillsdale Chargers.

Unfortunately, the majority of the student body missed it.

The “Community Day” crowd of 3,453 fans was made up of just that: the community. Big Rapids came out to show their support, but as far as FSU students, there were few to be seen.

Well, there was that small group who started off the second half with chants of “we want more beer.” Your school spirit was as tasteful as a case of PBR (so, not at all.)

Go ahead and use Labor Day Weekend as an excuse. I’ll let it slide this time. But the jokes on you if you skip the next home game.

Come out September 17 and watch these guys take on Ohio Dominican (Hey, if the Bulldogs beat Saginaw Valley next Saturday and Ohio Dominican the following weekend, that’s a hat trick!) Like all student-athletes, they’ve worked their asses off to represent this school. To represent you.

Hockey season doesn’t start for another month. Honestly, what do you have to lose?


You are probably one of the dumbest students at Ferris State. This is why girls should not write about sports.. Division I does not compare to Division II Alex. Don’t ever compare the two sports again here at Ferris State.

Who is our football team playing? Ohio Dominican? Tiffin? Lake Erie? Ashland? Northwood?
Our hockey team – Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Minnesota, Wisconsin…
Hey – What a sports editor, real knowledgeable about the difference in skill level and athleticism that goes on here at FSU.

Uh, and hockey plays teams like Norther Michigan, Michigan Tech, St. Lawrence, RPI, Lake Superior State, Vermont, and Colgate too. Way to be selective on those examples. Good one.

If football is doing well, why not compare them. By the way, even though attendance seems “low” for football – most games still draw more than hockey.

Fact is this is still football rules in this country. I thought the column made some good points.

Talk to me when football actually gets a game on television, or national television for that matter. Or articles in the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News. They’re doing good? They beat Ohio Dominican and a PRESEASON nationally ranked team. The team doesn’t even have a student section here…the Dawg Pound sells out every game for hockey and our student newspaper sports editor is trying to compare the two? Realize your audience.

The column did make some good points however some of the teams you named such as Vermont, and Northern Michigan have won national championships in the past can’t say that about the football teams opponents other than say Grand Valley.  I like how good the football team is doing and it’s good for Big Rapids as a whole, however Ferris will always be a hockey school.

I wouldn’t argue Ferris is a big football school or that the Bulldog football team deserves more attention that hockey. But to dismiss it altogether is silly. There is just no doubt that a good football team draws a university together in a different way. Look at last year’s hockey team, which was a good one for Ferris. I see attendance for some home games REPORTED at 1,490; 1,250; 2,097, 1,394; 1,389; 1,678; 453; 1,513; 1,484; 1,244; 1,539, 1,909 and there are more. Some of THOSE are vs. teams like Michigan, ND and MSU. 

That’s a LOT of home games without real great attendance – where are the sellouts. I would like to see better attendance at those games – and at football.By the way, football last year with an average team and not much preseason hype, drew: 3,201, 2,657, 3,533, 3,256 and 2,216. Those are much higher than almost all the home hockey games. And against lesser quality opponents – so it wasn’t the opponent that attracted the crowd.

How do you decide which is more important? The sport people go to watch?

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