Ferris alumna dies in car crash

Bree Roelfs touched many lives

A Ferris graduate who had a positive impact on many lives tragically died in a car accident on Sept. 5.

Bree Roelfs, 25, a graduate in forensic biology from Oakland, passed away when her car ran off the highway in Howell and struck a tree.

In a report from WHMI 93.5 FM out of Livingston, the accident occurred around 1 a.m. when officials were dispatched to the scene of the accident. Alcohol was believed to be a factor in the crash.

Brittany Stone, a 2011 Ferris graduate as well as a member in Delta Zeta Sorority with Roelfs, said she was “a friend, a sorority sister, a role model and a truly loving person to many people.”

“She had the personality that no matter how long you have known her she had an impact on your life,” said Stone.

Stone said Roelfs had a huge impact on the people in her life and her time at Ferris. Roelfs was an honors student who did not sweat the small stuff and lived life to the fullest, Stone said.

“It did not matter what she was experiencing in life, she always kept her chin high and a smile on her face. No matter the time or situation, she was there for many to be a shoulder to lean on,” said Stone.

Roelfs held multiple positions during her time at Delta Zeta, including being the president of the sorority. She was also a part of Order Omega and Panhellenic Council. Roelfs was also active in the International Order of Rainbow for girls in Michigan, a non-profit organization.

Stone said Roelfs was an amazing sister of Delta Zeta that has passed on a legacy that is “truly amazing.”

In addition, Roelfs was employed at Emergent Bio Solutions in Lansing.

“The funniest memories many of us have talked about over the week is her determination to break the dance floor in or get up in front of people she didn’t know to sing karaoke because that is what made her happy, just enjoying life for what it is,” said Stone.

Stone said Roelfs not only left behind friends and sisters, but also a loving mother and father and siblings who will truly need continuous thoughts and prayers to get through the days, months and years.

A memorial service was held for Roelfs on Sept. 8 in Milford. Memorial contributions can be made to the breast cancer awareness foundation Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

“Bree was truly an amazing friend that can never be replaced. I just think of it as now I will always have an angel and friend always around me to guide me throughout the rest of my life,” said Stone.