Drawn together

On Sept. 19, a number of Greek organizations at Ferris State University wore their letters in retaliation of a cartoon printed in the Sept. 14 edition of the Torch. Sparked by a Facebook event page, “GREEK Letters Day” brought Greek students across the campus together to protest a cartoon that in days had gained national attention.

Though a number of students have questioned the timing, the editorial cartoon was inspired by current campus debate, not in the hopes of wounding any organization’s reputation.

Throughout the history of newspapers, editorial cartoons have contained humor or commentary relating to various social matters. These topics have included political elections, societal authorities and issues affecting the community.

They are often controversial. However, they are always used to spark debate or influence a social movement.

Considering both the artist’s purpose in creating his artwork and the unification of organizations to show pride in their campus involvement, it seems the artist’s cartoon has evidently succeeded in its purpose.

Still, I feel the energy and motivation encouraged to protest the drawing will be in vain if we as FSU students cannot show this same enthusiasm to protest larger issues such as tuition increases and cuts to financial aid programs.

How many Facebook events were created by Ferris students to address these issues? How many shirts were worn in protest? How many Ferris students organized or called to voice their opinion to President Eisler? As a member of the Greek community, I am proud to see a large number of Greeks voice their views. However, as a college student I am displeased that this same amount of student attention has not been directed toward larger issues affecting our education.

If a cartoon can get over 600 students together in protest, imagine the social movement much larger issues should potentially cause at Ferris.


I agree wholeheartedly with you! I believe that in order for a change to happen instead of worrying about small things, lets focus on the things that truly matter. 

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