We’re the lucky ones

The Help shows hardships we don’t have to face

As college students we pack our schedules with multiple part-time jobs, have a full class schedule and do volunteer work. We also have a social life and will hopefully make it to the grocery store or do laundry at some point this semester.

No one tells us we have to do anything and we each have the freedom to make our own decisions. But I think no matter how stressful our college lives may be we do not have to take orders from others or put up with people’s demands or nasty remarks.

If you happened to the see the movie The Help this summer or have read the book, you can understand what I am trying to say.

We have it so easy.

The only thing we have to look out for at college is ourselves. Some of the hardships we face include waiting in the Starbucks line at 7:50 a.m., finding a parking space and trying to make it to class on time.

The Help showed us what life was like for some in the 1960s. It was crazy to watch in theatres and unbelievably hard to imagine in real life.

Watching this movie really gave me a new perspective of how people act in today’s society. We may write hateful comments online or talk about someone behind his back, but most people these days will not physically attack someone because of his background or make someone use a different bathroom just because of his skin. I think we are very fortunate to live on or near a campus that is safe and be a part of a community who is respectful to each attending student. Of course, no place is perfect, but we all have the opportunity to attend college no matter what our background or skin color is.

The maids who worked for white American families in the movie were African American and they held each other together through their friendships and community. Many girls had to drop out of high school to help their families pay their bills and most African Americans did not get a chance to go to college.

It amazes me on how far our society has come. Watching a movie such as this one showed just how fortunate I am to attend college and pursue my own personal dreams. No matter how tired or worn out we may get this school year, I believe we are just lucky enough to be here.