Torch Voices 10.12.11

Letters to the Editor

Safety Concern

Dear Editor,

I am a senior citizen that lives in Edgewater Pointe Condo Association which is North of 14 mile road south of Campus. A large number of students use 14 mile road as an area to walk and jog. The problem is students do not understand what side of the roadway to walk or jog on. You should always be on the Left side of the roadway facing traffic not on the right side with traffic coming up behind you.

     90 % of the students walk and jog on the wrong side of the road, and a large percentage have head phones on and cannot hear traffic coming up behind them. I have slowed way down many times as students were walking on the wrong side of the road walking in the roadway.

    You can do a real service to the student community by educating students on walking and jogging on the correct side of the road and possibly save a life.

Wayne O’Neil

Big Rapids Township resident

& Ferris Alumni

Cartoon Response

Dear Editor,

Just a note from a local in B.R., tho I don’t drive a truck – sure wish I had one like your cartoon. I arrived here 35 years ago from GR. Now I am proud to be a bonafide Redneck, and I understand their thinking. They just want a little respect rather than being thought of as somehow inferior. Is that hard to understand? After all they started this town and continue to support it all year, long, even when the Ferris kids, as we call them, are gone. I myself graduated with a degree. Surprise – a lot of us also attend church here. We’re not all hayseeds, but if that is what we want, it is our right. We locals love our hunting, countryside, farms, lakes and rivers, ect. We’ve been to other towns, cities and found our wonderful companion. It all depends on from what angle one looks at things. Don’t you agree? By the time you leave here, you’ll also be part Redneck. Guaranteed. It’s contagious.

Mirdza Randall

Big Rapids Resident