Eerie encounters

Ferris students share personal stories of the paranormal

Joshua Hendrickson

“I was hiding from my girlfriend’s parents at our friend’s behind the house at night, and all the sudden there was a rustling in the bushes. I began to hear someone whispering ‘Get out right now.’ It couldn’t have been any of my friends because they were all inside. This is the same night that a wigi board told me I was going to die that year…but I’m still alive. The owner of that same house woke up multiple times seeing a little girl figure at the end of her bed many times. Story goes that the girl died in that house. In her area of Hancock it’s all old mansions and houses so it’s all pretty creepy. Also, back in high school, my friends and I would all go to cemeteries. One time my friend left his phone recording in the car. We went out and didn’t see anything or get scared, but when we came back and listened to it later that night, we heard a girl screaming and a bunch of rustling.”

Tarah Bourke

“My friends and I went to Saginaw Valley to see the Ferris football game. On the way back at about 2 a.m., we turned on to some dirt roads in Paris and ended up on Ghost Road. You’re out in the middle of the woods with no cell service and you are supposed to park up on top of this specific hill and look down. Then you have to turn your car off, turn off all the lights, roll down all the windows all the way, and set your keys on top of the car. It’s basically to taunt the ghosts. We started talking about the legend of the Dog-Man. Then, we looked out the back window and saw a massive shadow floating toward us. We looked at each other in shock. My friend grabbed the keys, shoved them in the ignition and peeled out. Then we turned back. We re-parked the car, and did the whole thing over again. One of our friends heard a growl and wanted to grab the keys but we stopped him. After a few moments of silence, two of us heard footsteps at the same time on opposite sides of the car and freaked out. We peeled out again and never returned. My friend claims it’s the Dog-Man or a scarecrow we saw earlier. Check it out for yourself: It’s called Ghost Road in Paris.”

Mariah Shaltry

“One time I was sleeping in the basement of my grandparents’ house in Williamston. I was little and I had a lot of cousins staying there too, and we were sleeping in the living room. In the middle of the night, someone walked into the room and stepped over us and through the living room while carrying a large hammer; the thing is, it was a large, middle aged male adult, but the only adults there were my grandparents who are much older and us little kids. We had no idea who it was, so we all laid there really still. A couple hours passed and we finally discussed it. My grandma actually had the priest come in and bless the house. Another time we were upstairs in one of the bedrooms watching Poltergeist because we loved scary movies and the TV shut off and white noise started coming on. We all stood there and looked at each other then ran down the stairs screaming. When we came back up the movie was going on again. Another occurrence happened while we were all sitting in the living room on Thanksgiving. My grandparents have this old, large analog clock that has a chime in it on the wall. Suddenly, the clock flew off the wall, hovered for a minute in the middle of the living room, and then slammed to the floor.”

Meghan Fink

“My parents were in Alaska for their 20th anniversary, and my dad’s parents were staying with us. I woke up in the middle of the night and I saw a lady at the end of my bed wearing a blue nightgown. I rolled back over because I assumed it was my grandma. When I woke up, she was wearing shorts and t-shirt pajamas. I asked her if she had worn a blue nightgown and she said she had never worn a blue nightgown or worn nightgowns at all. I asked my parents when they got home and my mom said that my grandma had died in a blue nightgown. My dad told me that two or three days after my grandma died, my mom woke up in the morning and said she felt like her mom had visited her. My dad said that she did, and he saw my grandma standing next to my mom, touching her in a blue night gown. I used to be super freaked out of ghosts, but now I want to see her again.”

Andrew Singles

“At my grandparents’ house in Auburn Hills, there have been some paranormal experiences. Apparently, before they moved in, an old man by the name of Ernie lived there. He died in the house, apparently in his reading chair where the dining room stands today. From time to time, people staying there have had ‘encounters’ with Ernie. For example, one time my cousin Kyle was spending the night there. The next morning when he woke up, he asked our grandma, ‘Who was that man standing in the hallway last night?’ The hallway was the one leading to Ernie’s reading room, and the only person it could have been was our grandpa, who was sleeping in the bedroom the whole night. Also, my Aunt Kathy, who is currently living with them, was in the bathroom and thought she saw my grandma passing by the bathroom in the hallway (same hallway from Kyle’s experience). She started calling for her, but she didn’t respond. Afterwards, Aunt Kathy went into the living room where my grandma was sitting and asked her, ‘Why didn’t you answer me while I was in the bathroom a little bit ago?’ To that, grandma said, ‘What are you talking about? I’ve been sitting here for the past hour.’ We believe that who she saw was Ernie’s wife…weird! On top of those couple encounters, there have been other little things like their hot water in the laundry room sink downstairs being on full-blast at random points in time. We’re all convinced it’s Ernie…”

Elizabeth Troost

“The old town playhouse in Traverse City used to be an old church a couple hundred years ago. The first ghost they found is an old man probably in his late 50s, a poltergeist who likes to play pranks on people. Apparently he was one of the old alter boys who was buried underneath the church. When we were putting on shows, he would go into the light booth (which was locked) and all the lights would go out in the auditorium. People would run up to the box and you could see the figure of him sitting in there. He likes to pop up in random places and move things that are locked up. My friend Abby got a picture of him once when they were doing a costume rehearsal. Several times during performances, they’ve had things that have just gone missing, or during the show, lights will go on and off and the people in the box can’t get them to move back. The ghost I know personally is a little girl that haunts there. She’s probably about eight years old and from the 40s. She is more of a quiet ghost. She’ll pop in and out, and the first time I saw her, I was doing the stage production of Annie. She liked to play with all us little girls when we’re doing our pieces in the costume shop. She’d randomly pop out of the clothing. You’d turn your head, see her, scream, and then she’d disappear.