Torch Voices 11-16-11

Dear Editor,

I have been a loyal, faithful and devoted fan of Ferris Football since the 90’s when my dad was playing. The fact that in the November 9th issue of the Torch in the mini article “Bulldogs by the numbers” you have all of these great numbers for every other sport except football. I mean come on how many times poor Tom was sacked really? Not only is that not a good thing to point out but then you throw this blanket of negative thought over the football team as a whole in my opinion. They have come pretty far the last 2 or 3 years just to have you point out how many times he was sacked! How about how many completed passes there were? I mean at least if you’re going to highlight a senior like that how about Senior Dwayne Williams topping off and 65 yard drive with a hard 2-yard drive for a touchdown. I felt that not only was rude to the team but it didn’t show very good student support nor school spirit. To provide amazing highlights for every other sport but football come on!


Micah Otteson

FSU student football supporter