Finals frenzy

Students share tips on how to succeed during exam week

For students finding themselves stressing about finals week, check out these student tips and tricks for getting through exams.

Gregory Schilz: FSU Pre-med Sophomore

Exam week can be a really rough time and it’s easy to lose sleep and get stressed. The best thing to do is to manage time wisely and maintain good habits. Eat good meals on a regular schedule, study hard, and make sure you get enough sleep! Also, have a little fun and don’t kill yourself over studying. Make sure you take some time to hang out with friends and get some exercise. They are both great ways to relieve stress. Most importantly, do not cram. You will do much better on the test if you study well before the exam day. Good luck and best of wishes, everyone!

Dennis Caporale: FSU P1 Pharmacy Student

First and foremost, it’s important to keep stress at a minimum. Start studying earlier than usual by quite a bit, and get a clear view of what could be on the final. Most teachers don’t care so much about all of the little details when it comes to a final, so really study the central points.

Take a break whenever you feel that you need it. You’re not going to retain anything if you’re stressed when you’re reading it. Oh, and remember to stay well rested during finals week. Study as much as you can, but make sure you’re getting enough sleep. It will really help you focus.

Jason Yerke: FSU P1 Pharmacy Student

My best advice is to study as hard as you can, but make sure you do things to stay sane. I like playing tennis and basketball, and definitely having some snacks along for the studying.

Camille Brillinger, FSU Nursing Sophomore

I use different things to study, help me focus and keep me from daydreaming. One of my personal favorites is using sticky notes to turn my room into a 3D study guide.

Set goals of how far you want to get in a certain time frame and be sure to take a break after.

Study in a place where you are comfortable and it’s easy to focus. I also like to use things that remind me of home, certain types of music, and snack foods that my mom always has stocked. I have even convinced my parents to bring up one of our dogs to help me relax. It’s important to get lots of sleep, and personally, I always have to have some form of caffeine handy.

Michael Schulte, FSU 1st year Nursing Student

I continue to run, work out, and try to eat as healthy as possible. I’ll try to balance getting enough sleep so I’m not so deprived of sleep that I’m stressed. I’ll probably cut all extra activities.

Stay in the library the whole time except for sleeping and eating. That will eliminate all distractions. And I won’t go back to my parent’s house because it creates more distractions.

Alex Uganski: FSU Pre-Pharmacy Freshman

I’m a college freshman, so I have yet to experience exam week. However, I thought of it in high school just like a normal week of tests. I went into each exam knowing how well I had to score, and I usually didn’t stress out too badly.


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