New Year, new goals

It’s become a tradition to have a resolution stepping into a new year. New Year’s resolutions signify personal growth and change in the lives of millions of people. 2012 is already shaping up to become a year of change. The country is preparing for another United States presidential election, Kim Jong-un is the newly appointed leader of North Korea and the Mayan speculation of doomsday is still looming in the back of people’s minds.

Ferris State University has also been making a few changes. Previous Grand Rapids Community College football coach Tony Annese has become the new head football coach for the Bulldogs and Ferris alumna Debra Daniels is scheduled to become the new president of Joliet Junior College in Illinois. Incoming and returning FSU students are also preparing for a new semester of classes.

I myself will begin the New Year with a new level of personal responsibility. In 2012, I’ll be the father of a newborn son. Being a father will be the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life. The initial responsibilities of a parent as a role model and provider are an important part of starting a family. Therefore, I’ve decided to make my New Year’s resolution to become a more positively impactful person in the lives I encounter every day. This is a resolution I can continue to work toward throughout the years that will influence the people around me.

In the hurry of classes and personal responsibilities, it’s easy to forget the resolutions we plan to accomplish by the end of the year. Finding the inspiration to change shouldn’t come from a crystal ball in Times Square or a citywide countdown. It should come from a desire to become better individuals by fixing our personal flaws. As students and staff that make up our university, we should continuously strive to better ourselves. Let’s not only kick off, but also conclude 2012 with an expectation to accomplish our
personal goals.