Today's Tech January 18, 2012

Your next addition to your home theater setup may be a Kinect, but not in the way that it is available now. Microsoft is rumored to unveil an improved version of their motion-capture system Kinect.

This new Kinect would become an Xbox without the games. Instead of being a traditional gaming console, this new Kinect would be a one stop entertainment item by allowing users to utilize the growing list of content such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, ESPN, and UFC with the interactive UI (user interface) that makes the Kinect special.

For those who are not familiar with the UI of the Kinect, instead of using controllers like Nintendo’s Wii or Playstation’s Move, the Kinect uses body movements picked up by a camera to operate menus and games. All three systems allow the users to physically interact with video games instead of simply manipulating buttons on a controller.

So the days of losing your controller or remote would be in the past if you operate your TV by moving different parts of your body. One example of a command is putting one arm at a 45-degree angle to open up a menu.