Torch Music Review January 25, 2012

End of Existence- Demo Tracks

End of Existence comes not from the depths of Dante’s Inferno, but from the middle of our great state of Michigan. Another metal band on the scene comes through with a vocal ability that ranges from Dio to Deicide. We’ve all heard the low warbling of other metal bands, and as stated in previous reviews, metal is an acquired taste for some. End of Existence, however, brings to the plate a large dose of falsetto and higher ranged tones I haven’t heard out of a local or regional band yet. The band has plans to release its first album in the winter of 2012. The chief complaint I had with the tracks previewed were the choppiness of some of the songs. The transitions between verse and chorus seemed more forced than natural. The lyrics weren’t exacerbating to decipher for the metal genre, but likewise they were not a shining work of poetic bliss either. However, on the bright side, the technical guitar work and vocal range differentials make me want to don my spandex jump suit and tease my hair followed by a seven hour long air guitar solo. This is possibly the only band I can think of in the Michigan area that can take an 80s hard metal sound and make it modern.


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