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The Banana Convention- “Leap”

Saginaw Michigan brought us this fun-loving band for a Saturday night stint at a local bar. With an interesting name and biography, The Banana Convention crew will not let you down with fun songs filled with a punk attitude. Working in harmony, The Banana Convention gives you something to look forward to in your player. They sound a lot like No Doubt, with the exception that their lead female vocalist actually has talent. I would compare their vocalist to Fiona Apple, but their music is much faster paced, and fits nicely into a punk-ska or rock genre. The lyrics range from political and societal innuendos to romantic intrigue. There are many themes The Banana Convention runs under, and their advertisement claimed the eccentric “Circus Rock,” but I heard no such thing on the CD that I would feel to be circus-like in the least. This album is definitely worth picking up and listening to, as it’s fun and light-hearted, though the lyrics may not be so fluffy as a ska-sounding guitar riff.

4 out of 5 Torches


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