College switch

Print management program change for the upcoming year

Major changes are coming to Ferris’ print management program as it is in the process of switching from the College of Engineering to the College of Business.

There are several reasons behind these changes, including loss of faculty members and changes in the print management industry. Currently, the process of obtaining a degree in print management is beginning in the Associate’s program and then having the choice of majoring in print management or new media.

The new program, graphic media management, combines both programs. Students who will graduate with the new degree from the College of Business are not in the Bachelor’s program yet.

Tina Yahr, a junior in the print management program, said her degree will not be affected without her consent.

“The reason we have been making these changes is based off suggestions from our board who is made up of individuals out in industry from various companies,” Yahr said. “I actually was sitting in as a student representative at the meeting when they were discussing what they expect of our students and would like to see change. With a technology-based background as a management student, we know enough to get our hands dirty in the press room if needed. What our industry leaders wanted to see was more of the management side.”

“I’m excited we can still choose a business degree or stay with a technology degree,” Xue Lao, a junior in the print management program, said.

John Conati, a professor in the print management program, said, “I feel that the curriculum changes will only benefit students.  The new degrees are reflective of what our industry and our advisory board is demanding. It will not affect any sophomores or seniors and will have minimal effects on freshmen and juniors because we have paid close attention this past year in personally advising our students.”

Students in the architecture/facility management program do not feel these changes are going to affect them as much as the print management students.

Jordan White, FSU junior in facility management, said, “I knew about it in a really general aspect. I really can’t see it affecting the ATFM program. It’s not like we have had any issues in the past. To be honest, I’m content with the location and the spaces we have. Our program is relatively small anyways. I’ve never seen all the rooms at capacity, ever.”

Nick Prytula, also a junior in facility management, said he did know about the program and feels the only changes to occur will be room changes.

“This program needs updated classrooms with a student space. If that’s here or some other building, it doesn’t matter,” Prytula said.

For the print management program, Yahr said they want the students’ background in business activities to become more prevalent and the switch to the College of Business is the answer to their concerns.

“With a degree in an industry such as printing, I expect change and I anticipate it to happen very often. In order to stay alive, our industry must adapt many, many times over,” Yahr said. “As far as the physical move, I do have my concerns. Our degree here at Ferris has been looked highly upon because of the hands-on aspect we offer.”

Yahr added, “When I was looking to come to school for printing, my main pull towards Ferris was because my program was ranked third in the United States. There is no room for our presses and other equipment in the College of Business and it concerns me that they don’t know when the move is complete.”

If the equipment isn’t moved for next fall, students will be trekking back and forth for lecture and lab between Business and Swan.

“Luckily, I will have my program requirements complete and the move will not affect my fall semester at all,” Yahr said.