Torch Top 5 February 15, 2012

The infamous Ferris Meme Page hit Facebook like a fire in a gasoline refinery this past week. With over 3,000 likes from faculty, alumni and students, it’s quickly becoming more popular that Shooters on a Thursday night.

Speaking of Facebook, here is a parental reply to a daughter’s entitled whining. I call this good parenting, but some people would disagree. The post on Facebook is public, but YouTube shows you the full thing. It makes muc h more sense.

Do you like shopping? Do you like saving the planet? How about getting free stuff or unloading some of your own junk to a better home? Check out to see what’s around the area. You never know what you’ll find.

Unexplained America is a site dedicated to local folk stories and legends. Do you believe in ghosts?

Ever want to tote around all your favorite books for free? If you have an e-reader (or even if you don’t), Project Gutenberg lets you download hundreds of books for free.


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