Torch Top 5 Internet February 22, 2012

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Stretch Films was a popular cartoon maker back in the mid and early 90’s. You may remember them best for making the popular show “Courage the Cowardly Dog.” On their website you can view several of their popular cartoons (such as Courage) as well as my personal favorite “The Dirty Birdy.” I don’t think a bird can moon a cat any more than Purdy does in this seven minute film.

or a direct link to youtube

Getting even more heated is the debate over birth control. The government is claiming that it’s now a religious question, but with no women allowed to speak out about the controversy, it’s quickly becoming a misogynistic festival for men to make decisions for the opposite sex. This video says it all. As a woman, I refuse to tolerate this injustice, and I ask all other women out there to take a stand on the issue as well.

The Michigan Shakespeare Festival is having fun with LOL Katz and the Bard’s famous lines. In one of the funniest mockeries I’ve seen in a while, watch as these cats are portrayed in new scenes from William’s works every day. (P.S. you can also stay up to date with what’s going on festival-wise.)

The Washington Post has an update about the former founder and CEO of Megaupload. With his indictment, what does it say about the way we use the internet?

Is she poison? Maxim Magazine asks this question the article “10 Red Flags to Watch for in a Significant Other.”

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