“A Festival of Hearts”

Snow sculpture competition raised money for the Mecosta County Medical Center for Cardiac Rehabilitation

People’s Choice: Mike Ondayko, Jon Kemp, Derick Kerbyson, Anthony Scalzi, Jacob Martin, Sean Doughty and Scott Goodchild, above from left to right, members of Phi Sigma Kappa, won people’s choice in the snow sculpture competition. Photo Courtesy of Yer Xiong
Most Creative
Phi Sigma Sigma

Erupting volcano

Most Skilled

The Girls (Kellie Stout, Jennifer Chwastek, and Courtney Mourer)

Funky Heart Car

Best Idea for Healthy Heart Theme

Alpha Phi Alpha
Arrow Heart

Judges’ Choice

HCMA (Health Care Management Association)

Food Pyramid

Peoples’ Choice

Phi Sigma Kappa

Red Heart

Sculptures are located at the Karas Intramural Field located in West Campus near DPS.