Torch Music Review February 29, 2012

Lor & The Intrigue: Mainline This!

Muskegon band Lor & The Intrigue take the sound of ‘80s hair metal and bring it to 2012. Solid mixes on all songs and especially detailed guitar work make this band stick out as an all-star rock n’ roll legend in the making. The lyrics lack a lot of depth, but instead the musicianship is focused on making the songs perfect and tight-knit little balls of awesomeness. Lor & The Intrigue is the quintessential meaning of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. I was instantly transported back to an age of rock when things weren’t about making sense, they were about having fun, rocking out and enjoying the music.

Fans of Crocus or Dokken will like Lor & The Intrigue. They’re a great band that’s fun to listen to while you’re partying hard or while you’re just trying to get yourself moving on a Monday morning. I highly recommend giving these guys a listen. Their sound appeals to both hard-core fans for metal, and those who just listen to AC/DC to look cool.


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