President Eisler “not certain”

Eisler to be interviewed in early April for new position

Recently, Ferris State University President David Eisler announced he will be interviewing for a presidency position at Northern Kentucky University, but there is no certainty yet if he will get the position.

There was an article on the Torch website last week regarding Eisler’s announcement. The Torch spoke with President Eisler to learn his thoughts on interviewing for a position at another university.

Eisler said he will be interviewing on NKU’s campus April 2 and 3. In an article on MLive, he said he has considered the position because he has a daughter who lives in Kentucky and that he likes Northern Kentucky’s emphasis on community engagement.

“The way this happened for me is I didn’t apply, I was nominated,” Eisler said. He was referred to the position and Northern Kentucky University’s search committee contacted him. He went to Cincinnati for an interview March 10. He will be meeting with community leaders, administrators and students.

FSU senior Jake White said he would not be surprised if Eisler chose to leave Ferris.

“A school is a business just like any other business,” White said.

Eisler said he is very committed to the work he does here at FSU and there is still uncertainty in the situation. He said he doesn’t know much about NKU and they also don’t know much about him at this point.

“It’s always flattering knowing there are people who are interested in you,” Eisler said in regard to being nominated for the position.

Eisler said it’s a great opportunity to be at Ferris because of the public engagement between the campus and the community.

FSU junior William Walker said the potential of Eisler leaving Ferris will have a strong impact on the university.

“Eisler knows how things work here,” Walker said. “He listens to the students.”

When Eisler interviews for the position, he hopes to learn more about NKU’s campus and its atmosphere. He has stressed there is no guarantee if NKU is a good fit for him.

Some of Eisler’s accomplishments at FSU include the creation of the new pharmacy center in Grand Rapids and a project to restore the former vacant federal building for FSU’s Kendall College of Art & Design.

“There’s a very good possibility they’ll give it to someone else,” Eisler said. He said he and his wife, Patsy, have received many phone calls and messages of support from the campus and community.

Eisler has been involved in higher education for 37 years. He became the president of FSU in 2003. n