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Deth Bunny

Grant, Mich. isn’t known for producing much more than a swamp and swamp people, but now it will be known for producing swampy sounding music as well. Deth Bunny brings on a sound only a mother could love — or a punk rocker. I happen to be the latter. Deth Bunny reminds me of the Dead Kennedys, with politically charged lyrics hidden behind overdriven unpolished guitar work. The mix is sloppy and all over the place, just the way punk should be. Deth Bunny embodies the immature attitude and lack of authoritative respect that is true punk rock. They reminded me of how much I missed the true meaning of punk with all the whiny emo-esque bands masquerading as punk-pop or alternative groups around in this day. The only thing missing from the Deth Bunny tracks are a complimentary can of spray paint and baseball bat to mess the town up as you race through the streets with the windows down, music blaring on a warm Saturday night.


listen to the latest music on reverb nation.  I saw this band live many times they are awesome.

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