Torch Music Review

Shinedown – Amaryllis

Released on March 27, Shinedown’s new album has been topping charts with the single “Bully” for the past few weeks. The title Amaryllis shows the band’s aim and true meaning behind the tracks on the album. The story of Amaryllis parallels the album perfectly, so I’ll quickly explain it the best I can.

Amaryllis was a shy nymph who loved the shepherd Alteo. Alteo, however, did not have the same feelings toward Amaryllis. Wishing to win his affections, Amaryllis sought to give him something that he desired more than he desired her: a unique flower found nowhere else in the world. She traveled to the Oracle of Delphi to seek advice and was told to stand outside of the shepherd’s door and pierce her heart with a golden arrow every night. She did as she was told and on the 30th night, Alteo opened the door and found only a striking crimson flower on his doorstep.

This album has everything a Greek tragedy could ask for, but the song “Bully” to me doesn’t seem to fit. I feel it actually holds the album back, with better tracks that are far deeper in meaning, such as Amaryllis. Bully to me sounds like a bad rendition of a P.O.D song from the late 90s. I hate it, but love the rest of the album. Amaryllis takes Shinedown to another level, and definitely has a new and better sound.