Today's Tech

Want to be able to see your smartphone’s notifications without worrying about pulling your phone out of your pocket? Allerta’s newest creation, the Pebble e-paper watch, will do that and much more.

The e-paper screen, similar to that of a Kindle, will allow the Bluetooth-synced watch to be connected to your iOS or Android phone. With a battery life of over a week long with waterproofing, the Pebble will not be an added hindrance for such a technologically advanced accessory.

Several “watchapps” will allow users to control music and get activity-specific information for running, cycling or golfing. It can also push text messages to your wrist to read for Android phones while both receive reminders and caller ID information.

The phone is currently part of a Kickstarter project where users can pledge money for projects that entrepreneurs look for investing. If you purchase a Pebble on Kickstarter, the price is reduced to $115 for Jet Black or $120 for other color options. Once the product goes for retail in September, the watch will be over $150.

While I have to wait nearly half a year to receive mine, Allerta has received over two million dollars in funding in less than a week, so my interest in the Pebble is not alone.