Torch News Briefs

No Torch issue next week

This issue is the last issue of the semester, so there will be no Torch next week. The Summer Edition of the Torch will be available May 16.

The annual PIGNIC

The Office of Multicultural Student Services is putting on its annual PIGNIC where everyone is welcome to attend.

The event is free and open to the public. There will be food available. All alumni, students and community members are welcome to join. The event will be at Hemlock Park, 301 W. Hemlock Street.

For more information, contact Michael Wade at ext. 2617 or

Yates named Dean of College of Engineering Technology

Dr. J.K. Yates has accepted appointment as Dean of the College of Engineering Technology here at FSU.

According to a university wide notice, her position as dean will be effective July 1. Dr. Yates was the Joe W. Kimmel Distinguished Professor in the Kimmel School of Construction Management, Engineering Technology and Engineering at the Western Carolina University (WCU) campus of the University of North Carolina and had previously served as a department head.

Prior to joining WCU, Yates was a professor and department chair for the Department of Construction Management and Engineering at North Dakota State University. Her other positions have included professor and focus area coordinator for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Ohio University and professor and program coordinator for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at San Jose State University.

Yates has numerous professional publications, including her two most recent books from 2012, “Engineering and Construction Productivity Improvement” (American Society of Civil Engineers) and “Sustainable Engineering Design and Construction” (Prentice Hall/Pearson). She has received research awards from organizations such as the National Science Foundation, the Hewlett Packard Foundation, and the Construction Industry Institute. Dr. Yates earned a doctoral degree in civil engineering from Texas A&M University.

“No More Sidelines” dance fundraiser

The second annual Dance Marathon is an event where everyone is welcome to come dance and lend a hand to help special-needs kids “get off the sidelines.”

The event is scheduled to begin 8 a.m. Friday, April 27 and continue until 6 a.m. the next day. Registration is still taking place. The cost for participation is $5 per person or $50 for one team of 12. A one-hour sponsorship for the event is $50.

Dance Marathon is a fundraiser for “No More Sidelines,” a West Michigan-based non-profit organization that benefits children and young adults with special needs. Last year’s event raised nearly $1,200 for the organization.

Registration forms are available in Clark Hall. The event is free and open to the public. For more information, visit the link to the event’s Facebook page at or call Al-Shatel at ext. 6958 or email her at