The wet, hot, Big Rapids summer

How to make the most of your summer in Big Rapids

If you are seeking the best summer of your life, you have come to the right place.

We have all been waiting for it, and yes, I know you are so excited you can hardly contain yourself! You have been waiting for the one and only, incredibly epic, Big Rapids summer vacation experience!

Many know Big Rapids as the place to be during the summer, especially with all of the exciting people and fantastic entertainment. Come on, don’t you look forward to the Mecosta County Fair?

OK, so I know what you’re thinking. You are thinking that I am out of my mind! Indeed I am, but I am here to tell you how you can survive a dreadfully boring summer in Big Rapids.

First off, be prepared for the population to reduce to about half of what it is during the school year. Almost everyone goes home for the summer, therefore Big Rapids becomes a ghost town. There is a perk to this, however: no more crazy drivers on State Street!

Secondly, be prepared to have the time of your life! There is a very popular recreational activity Big Rapids is recognized for. This activity involves floating down the Muskegon River on a round doughnut-like flotation device for hours on end. This is known as tubing.

In order to prepare for your tubing expedition, make sure you grab all of your necessities. You should always have a cooler on hand, filled with your favorite beverages (Grunst Brothers is conveniently located for your beverage experience) and of course, your best friends. Just remember, cell phones are not waterproof and sandals will fall off of your feet throughout the ride.

As I mentioned earlier, the event that every Big Rapids native looks forward to during the summer is the county fair. I emphasize Big Rapids native. Yes, this glorious summer event welcomes anyone and everyone, so that means you should be prepared for the people you will encounter.

If you go to the fair, you will definitely wonder where these very interesting people come from. Well, if you would like to discover their existence, journey to Wal-Mart at approximately 1 a.m. and you will truly understand what to expect at the county fair.

There is one more piece I would like to contribute to the true Big Rapids experience and it happens to be one of my favorite past times.

The Big Rapids Carmike Movie Theater is conveniently located downtown for all your movie-going needs. From the friendly service to the freshly popped popcorn, the theater is sure to offer a memorable Friday night. If it’s not the outrageous concession prices or your squeaky seat, you will be sure to never forget your night at the movies.

Now, all of this may or may not appeal to you. But I must say, it’s not all that bad. Big Rapids is home of the great outdoors and there is so much to do, as long as you put some effort into it. Whether you spend a lazy afternoon on the river or an evening at the movies, Big Rapids has all of your entertainment needs.