What to see from EU

Students will experience some small changes in the organization this year

Members of Entertainment Unlimited (EU) has the interests of students in mind when they choose the acts and shows that come to Ferris.

Liz Fabode, the 2012-13 vice president of EU, said there will be quite a variety of acts this year.

“Some students might notice we have less, but it’s quality over quantity,” Fabode said.

Fabode said the next act is a mixure of comedy, songwriting and dance. She said, “I think the students are really going to love him.”

The members of EU pick artists based on the surveys students fill out at the end of each show. Fabode said they encourage students to fill out those surveys.

“We cater our events towards what those students say,” Fabode said.

Melissa Hanson, the 2012-13 president of EU, said EU has a new budget this year because of the new Rules of Appropriation and Allocation from Student Government.

“We are looking to put on higher quality events less frequently because of these budget changes. This budget change gives EU more flexibility with the budget, and as an e-board we are currently working to create a budget that best suits the student interests, while balancing out all of our major events such as our fall event series, spring event series and Ferris Fest,” Hanson said.

Hanson said EU is looking to get members more involved and have more of a part in the decision making process.

EU finds most of its events at the National Association of Campus Activities Conference in the fall and spring.

“EU hopes to show videos of the artists going to NACA to our members before we attend the conference to see what acts they like and try to book the artists that the members say they like,” Hanson said.

Hanson said she thinks students like comedians and special events acts the best. Special events acts include magicians, illusionists and hypnotists.

“Comedians are a really good event that appeals to a wide variety of people, and special events are enticing because it is always something new that you wouldn’t expect to see,” Hanson said.