Poor presidential choice

Romney/Ryan would send America backward, not forward like promised

When Mitt Romney was chosen as the GOP candidate for the presidential election, it was obvious there weren’t any reasonable choices left.

At the Republican National Convention, Romney said, “And unlike the president, I have a plan to create 12 million new jobs.” A fact-check was done on this statement on the Washington post’s website. The fact check found that number was not accurate. Only an average of 250,000 a month could be created, not the 500,000 that Romney had also once claimed.

While all politicians are known for making outrageous promises, from what I’ve learned about Romney, this man does not have the American people in mind at all. What he has in mind is to run the United States in a manner that correlates with his philosophy: More tax cuts for the rich and make the middle class pay more taxes. He cares about currency.

Although Romney claims he won’t raise taxes on the middle class, he wants to extend Bush Tax Cuts, which are tax cuts for the rich. President Obama wants to raise taxes for citizens who are making more than $250,000 a year. I would pay my fair share in taxes if I made more than that a year.

One aspect that truly bothers me about Romney is that he has several offshore bank accounts and pays a very small percentage in taxes.

In June 2008, an article from Brager Tax Law stated the IRS announced it had filed a “John Doe Summons,” which is permission to request information from offshore bank accounts. Problems started when banker Bradley Birkenfeld pled guilty to conspiring defraud by helping citizens with offshore bank accounts commit tax evasion.

Think about the purpose of having an offshore bank account: no taxes. Someone who doesn’t file his returns doesn’t seem very honest, either.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any bleaker, Romney chose Republican representative Paul Ryan from Wisconsin as his vice president. Under Ryan’s budget plan, he would extend the Bush tax cuts permanently, privatize Medicare, establish the personhood amendment and attempt to ban birth control. It’s no secret that Romney/Ryan policies are detrimental to women.

In one of Romney’s attack ads against President Obama, Romney said that under Obama’s plan, citizens wouldn’t have to work or wouldn’t have to train for a job and would just receive their welfare check.

While Obama has decided waived some of the requirements of welfare-to-work programs, he isn’t just letting out-of-work citizens receive welfare without a plan to work.

Romney’s time at Bain Capital as the CEO consisted of layoffs, bankruptcies and outsourcing jobs. The New York Times reported in November 2011 that Bain Capital caused the company Dade Behring to declare bankruptcy, cut 1,700 jobs and Bain Capital gained $242 million. Something is wrong with that.

Oh, I forgot to mention Ryan wants to cut Pell Grants – which have doubled to $40 million in 2011 to help cover the cost of tuition for students from low-income in middle class families, according to higheredwatch.newamerica.net. If that were cut, that would be $5,550 gone to help cover the cost of tuition or books.

I want my country moving forward, not backward.