Today's Tech September 5, 2012

The Internet has interconnected everyone in the world in ways that were previously inconceivable.

From conversing with long distance friends to reading up on the inane tweets from that D-list celebrity you saw on that one show, we are now able to interact with practically anyone.

One growing way for this to occur is on Reddit, the social news website where users control the content split up into various “subreddits.”

One type of forum on the site includes “Ask Me Anything” (AMA), where those with something unique about themselves or celebrities open up and allow regular individuals to ask them whatever questions the user base would like to ask.

A recent AMA that received great attention was by Barack Obama, whose AMA actually caused the website to crash due to the excessive traffic of other users wanting to ask the president any question they can think of and hope it actually gets replied to.

AMA allows celebrities to find out what their fans want to know about them and reply in a controlled manner as well as promote whatever project on which they may be working.