Butt chugging and you

An analogy of social drinking

Being a fraternity gentleman, I have seen my fair share of disgusting, shameful acts at the parties I have attended around the fine country of the United States. However, there is a new drinking craze that was recently reported at the University of Tennessee called “butt chugging.”

When I first read the story about this “butt chugging,” I was a little taken back and very much disgusted that anyone in their right mind would even contemplate doing this to themselves.

What is butt chugging, you ask? It is a colloquialism for the act of rectally ingesting liquids. In terms that Ferris students would understand, it is when someone inserts a hose or tube into their rectum and pours some sort of alcoholic liquid into said tube. It is an enema but not used in the proper medical manner. Rather, it is used to get extremely drunk.

When alcohol is consumed in the normal socially acceptable manner, e.g. drank, the mouth absorbs some of the alcohol before it reaches the stomach. When it reaches the stomach it passes into the small intestines where it gets into the blood stream and makes it to the liver where it is broken down.

Through this process, not all of the alcohol consumed goes into the blood stream. When alcohol is ingested, it is absorbed at various points, which means that only small amounts reach the liver at a time and it can break it down more efficiently and faster.

When someone ingests alcohol rectally, it gets absorbed directly into the blood stream and does not have the stomach or liver to absorb it and break it down, flooding the body all at once. So, more alcohol is surging through your blood stream at one time.

Because alcohol is absorbed so much faster and in a higher concentration when it is ingested rectally than when it is ingested through the mouth there is a greater risk of consuming too much and getting alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning is when too much alcohol is consumed and can seriously affect major bodily functions. There are several serious things that can happen when someone gets alcohol poisoning which include slowed breathing, irregular breathing, seizures, irregularheart rate, impaired gag reflex and can lead to asphyxiation on one’s own vomit. It can also lead to coma or even death.

Another serious health risk associated with butt chugging is anal fissures. Anal fissures are cuts or tears in the anus. You may be wondering why these would be associated with butt chugging, but in all honesty, what drunk frat guy is going to say, “Hey, grab that lube before you put this tube in my butt”? I’m pretty sure about .3 percent would even think about that. When there is a tear in the anus, feces seeps into the blood stream and can cause infections and serious complications.

I understand there are some wild and crazy people in this world, but I will never understand why butt chugging is becoming popular or even came around in the first place. If you have ever thought about participating in this new disgusting craze or have taken part, think about what you would have to tell your parents when you are in the hospital with alcohol poisoning or even anal fissures. That alone would prevent me from even thinking about butt chugging because there is no way I would even be able to explain to my parents what it is, let alone that I am in the hospital from partaking in that disgraceful act.


Honestly this article is some news you’d see on your 6 o’clock news. I would read this article 50 times before I’d even spend 5 minutes looking at celebrity news. The title immediately pulls you in and you have to keep reading and the author keeps the article informative. This is definitely more related to me as a college student than some piece on a business owner that got sued over dumping waste or some other college students political opinion. More articles like this would keep me reading the Torch. 5 stars.

On the contrary, there was a report of this happening at a party on the Ferris Campus just last week…. and did you really just use Cracked.com as a citable source? And YOU’RE complaining about fact checking? Cracked is about as reliable as Wikipedia, which I assume you must use for every single fact you check, apart from Cracked that is.

Holy cats! This is the best piece of literature I’ve ever read!

But on a serious note, it’s a student run newspaper pertaining to what college students do, drink. I’ve heard of a lot of opposition to this article from the faculty of Ferris State. I understand that this could be considered satire. But the fact remains that it’s an opinion based article and should be viewed as such. Considered it a bonus that the student body may have learned something useful about not putting a bottle of booze up their ass.

Frankly, I find it disgusting that any opposition is being held by the “adult” community of Ferris. Oh no! Someone might have an opinion that doesn’t follow your beliefs, but is still an issue.

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