Torch Top 5 Internet

Because some stuff on the web is awesome

Mitt Romney Style – A parody of “Gangnam Style”
Whether or not you support Romney, this video will make you giggle.

Iran news agency accidentally publishes story from “The Onion”
A news agency in Iran ran a story from the satirical news outlet “The Onion.” The agency apologized for the mishap. Either way, it’s still pretty darn funny. Good job, Onion.

A bad computer night in 1998
Anyone remember these daily frustrations from the late ‘90s to early 2000s? I do.

Looking at cute animal photos proven to boost productivity
Stuck in a rut while trying to do your homework? Look at these adorable fuzzy animals and prepare to get productive.

The most popular phrases from the ‘90s
I still use some of these phrases. It was a dope decade.