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To give you something better to do

Is Twitter wrong?
This Tumblr blog debunks fake stories and pictures trending on Twitter. It distinguishes which pictures from Hurricane Sandy were fake and which ones were real. Quite useful.

Kid history
This funny, adorable YouTube mini-series is about kids telling your personal history. Watch it for a good laugh.

Global warming rap battle
Here is a video from CollegeHumor featuring a rap about global warming. Whether or not you believe in it, it’s still hilarious.

Darth Vadar vs. Adolf Hitler–Epic Rap Battle
Epic Rap Battles on YouTube are hysterical. Check this one out and the other ones.

The five stages of grief for Facebook users
I imagine this is what most of us went through when Timeline came along. The same thing will happen again when Zuckerberg and his cronies come up with another layout idea.