Torch Music Review

Opinion: Green Day - “¡Dos!”

Don’t let the exclamation points in the title fool you—the new Green Day album is just as painfully boring and lifeless as the first installment of the band’s 2012 album trilogy.

Perhaps they were simply tired after two huge concept albums, a play and world touring; maybe something more can be divined from that meltdown Billie Joe Armstrong. What we do know is this: There is, in no way, enough good material in “¡Uno!” and “¡Dos!” to justify three albums.

Granted, it’s not all bad. “Lazy Bones” actually has some life to it. The urgency transfers better and doesn’t seem totally manufactured. The bass has some life, and the verses are actually a little fun. “Makeout Party” is, as one would expect, a fun song, if forgettable. A handful of others have some nice moments.

Unfortunately, those moments are strongly outnumbered. “Stray Heart” sounds like a self-parody; “Ashley” is upbeat enough, but sounds like a “21st Century” b-side—though that could be said of every song here.

Billie Joe & Co. go for something different with “Nightlife;” the result is either a great joke or my new favorite moment of unintentional comedy. As for “Amy,” stick to The Mountain Goats for your Amy Winehouse-dedicated song needs. Whether it’s standard fare or a song with a story, the three can’t seem to win.

“¡Dos!” is paint-by-numbers, go through the Green Day motions. This may work as a casual listen for those somehow new to Green Day. For anyone who’s heard any of Green Day’s other material, this is simply…lame.