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Curious to see what you wrote on your Facebook status a year ago or find a certain tweet? Now you can find out with TimeHop. You can download the app or just sign up for it and it will send you weekly emails of what you posted a year ago.

D-listed is a website dedicated to writing about the awkward and stupid things celebrities do. It helps us remember that celebrities are regular people, too.

How do I put this gently?
This Tumblr titled “How do I put this gently?” contains hilarious photos, memes and gifs acting as the answer to some serious thoughts.

Six baffling modern-day disasters of biblical proportions
Since the world is “supposed” to end soon, read about events taking place that are similar to those plagues you’ve heard about. This is just for entertainment. Don’t take it seriously.

Quiz: Are you a good texter?
Take it to find out. You know you want to.