Getting to know your president

Meet Byron T. Williams, president of Student Government

Student Government is one of the many organizations on campus in which students are encouraged to take an active role.

The mission of Student Government is “to represent student interests in all aspects of campus life as well as maintain open channels of communication between students, faculty, staff, administration and the Big Rapids community.”

There are many different ways for students to become representatives including through their college, registered student organization (RSO) or fraternity/sorority.

“Student Government is an organization where students can represent either their college or an RSO on campus,” Byron Williams, president of Student Government, said.  “We serve the purpose of strengthening communication between the community, students and administration while providing quality events and services to students. We also provide opportunity for RSOs to put on their own events through funding from the Student Activity Fund, which is allocated through Finance Division and Student Government.”

To become president of Student Government, one has to collect 200 signatures and then be voted into the office.

“I joined the Residence Hall Association my freshman year,” Williams said. “A member of the executive board suggested that I join Student Government because he was a member of their executive board as well. Before running for president, I had been an active member since 2009.”

Students are encouraged to get involved with Student Government and make their voices heard across campus.

“The best way students can make use of Student Government is by joining the organization and representing their college or RSO and providing a voice for their respective groups,” Williams said.

Student Government does many things across campus from funding RSOs and giving voice to students across campus. If this is something that interests you, Student Government meets at 5 p.m. at the Centennial Dining Room in the Rankin Student Center on Tuesdays.


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