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University in Canada creates “puppy room” to help with finals
In order to help students alleviate stress during finals, this college is having a room full of dogs/puppies for students to play with in order to relax. Ferris, take note.

54 Best Tumblrs started in 2012
From McKayla’s famous “not impressed look” to T-Rex trying to reach things, the possibilities are endless. You’ll never be bored again.

Days of the year
This website can tell you what type of event or holiday a day is depicting – from Ninja Day to Roof Over Your Head Day.

15 Sites to help you find holiday deals
Still not done shopping for presents? Check out Kiplinger for 15 sites to help you find the perfect gift.

Charity Navigator
Want to give back this holiday season? Charity Navigator will help you find a legitimate charity to donate to.