Rate My Professor

Bad professor or lazy student?

Rate My Professor is a gem for the affluent Internet folk.

Throughout its tenure as a web page, it has allowed students to give honest and sometimes brutal feedback about the teachers at a particular school. No doubt, many of the readers have either participated or at least checked on the ratings of one or more professors. With 1.7 million rated professors and 938 from Ferris State, the overall site is very thorough in its completeness.

However, with great ratings come great problems. It has been my honest and genuine experience that the higher the professor is rated, the lazier the students are.

If you’ll please observe, this is a brief sampling taken from teachers I am either familiar with or have personally had. If you do choose to use the Rate My Professor web page, make sure the reviews seem coherent, with correct grammar and punctuation and aren’t a rant against the teacher. More often than not, it’s the students who are bad, not the teachers.

Critical thinking skills have gone out the window, and anything harder than a multiple choice test is considered “work.” This is college, children, not the carnival. It’s not rigged in your favor and you’re going to have to carry your own balls from booth to booth.

Your decisions are yours and belong to no one else. Make the best of your education and don’t waste your brain and your money taking classes you know you can pass without even thinking. That mentality won’t help you, nor will it get you far in life.

Take some advice from someone who will have three degrees in four years and who has had to turn down six job offers and internships due to conflicts of other jobs and internships: Employers don’t care about your GPA, only that you passed and that you know what you’re doing.

Don’t sweat a less than 4.0 grade point average in place of exercising your brain and getting your money’s worth out of the institution.


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