Off the record

Standout middle hitter, senior Angi Kent, opens up

Q-First off, how did you get into playing volleyball?
A-I was in the seventh grade, and my friend didn’t want to go to the tryout alone. So, I went and did the tryout with her. We both made the team, but she stopped playing a year later and I just kept going.

Q-When did you know you wanted to play in college?
A-I never really had a set goal of wanting to play in college. Volleyball was just something I did and I enjoyed. I wanted to see how far I could go with it and ended up playing in college.

Q-Why Ferris State?
A-I was the most comfortable at Ferris. I loved the team and wanted to be a part of that. Another thing was I was close enough to home where I could go home if I wanted, but far enough away from home that I could still have my own life.

Q-What attributes do you feel make you the competitor you are?
A-I am very mentally calm when I play. I also thrive under pressure and adversity where other players may fall apart. I don’t care what the score is; I play until the very end. Most of the time, I don’t even know what the score is.

Q-Ok, let’s switch to stuff outside of volleyball. What’s on your iPod right now?
A-Kanye West and Jay-z.

Q-Pre or post Beyoncé?
A-Post Beyoncé, I am not a fan of her though.

Q-What’s your guilty pleasure?
A-I don’t eat healthy; I eat pizza and macaroni like it’s my job.

Q-What’s the craziest thing you have ever done during a match?
A- Back in high school, I needed a big sugar rush during a tournament, so I ate gummy bears while playing. I just stuffed them in my spandex and kept going.

Q-Wow, that’s determination. Did you play well?
A-Yup, we won that tournament actually.

Q-What place will volleyball have in your future life?
A-I hope to play until I can’t, whether that’s professionally or in one of those old people leagues. When I get old and fat and slow, I’ll consider being a coach. It’s been in my life for a long time. I could never completely get rid of it.

Q-Favorite athlete?
A-In the world? Myself, don’t judge me.

Q-No judgment here, why yourself?
A-Because, I have a little bit of narcissism going on. Honestly, I don’t watch sports enough to have a favorite. I would have to see how they work and how they perform to give them the title of favorite. They could be a great athlete, but could have horrible work ethic or be a crap teammate. The behind-the-scenes stuff matters just like the performance does.

Q-Last question, what do you want people to remember about you when you leave Ferris? What do you want your Bulldog legacy to be?
A-I guess I would just want them to think I was a great player and a great teammate. Nothing super exciting. I’m just having a good time being competitive; anything after that is just a bonus.