For the children

Bulldogs team up with Eagle Village

Ferris Football played with a purpose on Saturday, Nov. 2 when they partnered with Eagle Village to raise awareness for child abuse prevention.

The game was played against Wayne State and was presented as “Kids Day.” The children were able to interact with Brutus, the players, and enjoy fun activities during the game.

“It was great to see a relay race orchestrated by an outside party that took full reigns of the project,” athletics communication director and voice of Bulldog hockey said Dom Hennig.

Also during halftime, Hennig compiled multiple public service announcements to provide information about Eagle Village and their mission.

This partnership idea came from John Ruggles who is the Eagle Village Advancement Office and a former Ferris football coach. Ruggles contacted Jon Coles about partnering with Eagle Village and the two created this game that benefited both partners involved.

“These sorts of partnerships are supposed to offer a benefit to both parties and we achieved that goal this weekend,” Hennig said. “It was great to provide awareness and a good time for Eagle Village, and we couldn’t be happier to have them enjoying Bulldog Football.”

Not only did Eagle Village participate in football events, but the Eagle Village residents extended a helping hand during Ferris’s women’s soccer game on Sunday. The lady Bulldogs and residents took the field for a special game played against both organizations.

“This partnership is one I believe both parties would like to continue. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Eagle Village at Top Taggart field in fall 2014,” Hennig said.