Computer virus strikes campus

TAC investigating, advises campus to refrain from USB transfer

Ferris is alerting students, faculty and staff of a computer virus on campus that is spreading via USB drives.

The university issued the first alert on Tuesday. As of the most recent announcement by Information Technology Services, which was sent out Nov. 13, the virus is being cleaned up.

However, students, faculty and staff are still advised to refrain from taking a USB drive from computer to computer on campus.

“The virus has been identified as a new variant of the Houdini virus,” wrote the IT Services Alert in a recent announcement posted on the FerrisConnect homepage. “Last night [Nov. 12], our antivirus vendor released an immediate update that will clean up the virus.”

The Houdini virus hides files on USB drives also known as flash or thumb drives.

Individuals with infected USB drives may be able to recover their files with the help of TAC.

“[The university] will be sending an email later today with details of where and when [students] can bring [infected] USB drives to attempt recovery,” wrote the IT Services Alert.

Anyone with questions is asked to call TAC at (231) 591-4822 or toll free at (877) 779-4822.