Hooper named news editor

Senior reporter promoted

The Torch announced Taylor Hooper will be the news editor beginning in January 2014.

Taylor Hooper, 20, will assume the news editor role at the Torch, previously held by Alex Wittman, current Torch editor-in-chief.

Hooper, a journalism major from Crystal Falls, was the senior news reporter for the Torch prior to accepting her new position.

Hooper said she is ready to take on the new role and is excited to face a new challenge. She hopes to bring stories that are newsworthy, impactful and important.

Although it was her first semester working at the Torch, Hooper took on a great deal of responsibilities in the fall semester. Wittman said Hooper’s role was vital to the success of the news section.

“Her investigative reporting is something the Torch has been missing since I joined the staff, and her drive has inspired those around her to work harder, including myself,” Wittman said. 

As a news editor, Hooper will be responsible of assigning stories to reporters each week while continuing to write as a senior news reporter. She also will control editing and the layout of the news section.

Wittman is hopeful Hooper will continue to report news the right way and uphold the Torch’s longstanding tradition of truth, fairness and accuracy.

With her time at the Torch, Hooper said she has learned a lot.

“Not only have I improved as a writer, I have learned how to stay true to journalistic expectations by making sure that I am reporting the truth accurately for the readers,” Hooper said.

Hooper is excited about her new position and is ready to work as hard as she can to fulfill the expectations of news editor.