Off the record

Sydney Hasselbach

Freshman catcher/third baseman Sydney Hasselbach shares on topics ranging from her journey to Ferris State to her favorite bubblegum. This is Sydney Hasselbach, off the record.

Torch: First off, how did you get your start playing softball?

SH: My older sister played while I was involved in dance and gymnastics and I eventually caved in and went to an open gym with my sister and father. I ended up loving it and the younger team from the organization offered me a spot.

Torch: Was there anyone you modeled yourself after growing up?

SH: My older sister, who now plays for Michigan, and my father.

Torch: What was the recruiting process like for you as you jumped to the college level?

SH: It was busy and confusing picking, but after going to the campuses and meeting the teams, it made everything more clear.

Torch: What was the final straw when it came to choosing the crimson and gold?

SH: I was sitting in my house one day thinking about what school to choose and my thoughts were where will I be happy and see myself succeeding, and I knew it was Ferris.

Torch: What was it like stepping up to bat for the first time as a college athlete?

SH: I was nervous, anxious and so excited. Fall ball was a blast and now I can’t wait for the season to really kickoff.

Torch: Ok, now let’s lighten the mood a bit: what’s your pregame meal?

SH: I have an egg white omelet and either oatmeal or some toast.

Torch: Bubble gum or sunflower seeds in the dugout?

SH: Grape gum all the way!

Torch: Big league chew?

SH: Yup, Groundball Grape.

Torch: Favorite pump-up song?

SH: “Till’ I collapse” by Eminem

Torch: Best looking guy on the Detroit Tigers?

SH: Ian Kinsler