Senior Sendoff

As the academic year winds to a close, Ferris senior student-athletes began to reflect on their respective careers in college athletics.

Some of the graduating class members have turned to professional sports careers, while others have brought in All-American laureates to Ferris.

Some of the notable seniors shared their parting words on the four or more years they served as Bulldog athletes. Some from this class were the last remaining to be on Ferris teams from the last decade, including Angi Kent (2009-14).

Raymoan Mcafee-Sports Communication
-“The best aspects of being a Bulldog, I would have to say being able to really humble myself. Since I have been a Bulldog I’ve realized how grateful I am for all of the opportunities that have been and will be presented to me. I learned how to not take anything for granted and I really flourished in those areas since becoming a Bulldog.”
-(three words to describe bulldog career) “Blessed, perseverance, and dedication”

Amy Dunleavy-Sports Marketing
-“The family atmosphere. The fact that we all came here to get an education, but to also be part of something bigger. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s made that much easier surrounded by friends.”
-“Exciting, inspiring, and fun.”
-This summer I have an internship with the Charlotte Bobcats NBA team in Charlotte, NC in their business analytics department.”

Angi Kent-Social Work
-“For me the best part was being able to make not only my teammates and coaches proud, but the surrounding community proud. They have always shown Bulldog athletes, as well as students, a lot of support and it was a great feeling to be able to make them proud.”
-“Perseverance equals success.”
-“I have a lot of different opportunities I am exploring and I am open to all of them. Right now I’m happy with where I am and exploring life after college. As far as the future goes, wherever my life leads me, that’s the direction I will go.”

Sam Parker-Television production and digital media
-“It’s a family and brotherhood unmatched. I get more texts, phone calls, and emails from my Bulldog family that I do anything else. It hasn’t felt like I’m done with school because those people are still a big part of my life.”
-“Too many memories.”
-“I still haven’t lost my competitive edge. I’m currently training to compete in the USA Powerlifting National Tournament. I’m also finishing up school by interning with a video production company out in Washington, DC.”

Rachel McCollum has spent her last four years goaltending for Ferris State where her most memorable moment was the shootout against Ohio Dominican this past fall during her senior year.

“Soccer may have had its ups and downs, but it was definitely one of the best decisions I have made,” said McCollum.

Since ending soccer last fall, McCollum has been focusing on her studies and has been participating more in organizations: Christian pharmacy fellowship, a pharmacy peer mentor program, a fellowship for Christian athletes, and the student branch of Michigan pharmacy association.

McCollum will graduate in two years where she will then have her doctorate of pharmacy degree and an associate in pre-pharmacy.

Amanda Foster has spent her past four years as a defender for Ferris State where she cherishes the moments in the locker room because of all the dancing to blasted music and the fun bus rides where they held fashion shows in their sweats up and down the aisle.

“Soccer was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and I am so blessed to have been a part of it,” said Foster.

Since ending soccer last fall, Foster has been focusing on her studies, working with the Big Rapids high school soccer team, and may be assisting with some club teams this summer.

Foster will be walking on May 9th but will be back next fall where she will earn a major in social work and a minor in Spanish.

Sarah DeShone has spent her last four years as a guard for the Ferris State’s basketball where she cherishes the moments of meeting amazing people and teammates.

“Basketball has had its ups and downs but overall I would not change my teammates or the people I met along the journey for anything,” said DeShone. “They have all impacted my life in so many positive ways.”

Since ending her basketball career at Ferris, DeShone has been helping out with the team and plans to keep helping in the years to come.

DeShone will be graduating in the fall of 2015 with a major in math education and a minor in physical education.