Prank goes awry

Two Ferris students charged for planting explosive devices on campus

An explosive device was found on-campus near Brophy and McNerney halls with both suspects now in custody and charged.

Ferris students Jeffrey Ryan Boyd and Daniel Joseph Putman have both been formally charged with planting an explosive device on Ferris campus.

The explosive was identified as a “works bomb,” a homemade explosive made with “common household cleaner” inside a 2-liter pop bottle.

Boyd and Putman both attended high school in Rochester, Michigan prior to coming to Ferris.

Although the explosive was planted on April 21st the two men were not charged until last Wednesday, nor was any information about the incident released to the public. A press release finally issued last Friday identified the placement of the explosive as a prank.

“There was nothing we saw or discovered that showed ill intent or intent to hurt anyone,” Director of the Ferris Department of Public Safety Bruce Borkovich said. “It was kid’s stuff, a kid’s prank, but stuff we have to take serious in case it bursts and goes in someone’s eyes or something.”

Both Boyd and Putman remain in Mecosta County Jail as they await their next court date. Their cases have been moved to Mecosta County’s 49th Circuit Court, but future court dates have not been set.