Modern love

There’s nothing wrong with casual dating

The last thing you want to do upon arriving to college is jump into a committed relationship.

You’d be slamming shut any door of opportunity you might come across before you even approach it. College is full of a ton of people you have yet to meet and get to know, so what do you do?

The term “casual dating” seems pretty harmless.  Casual dating is when two single people spend time with one another on a regular basis in an effort to get to know each other without commitments. Either or both parties can also be casually dating other people. Seems pretty innocent, right? That is, until a woman does it.

Men are often commended for talking to or seeing multiple women in a casual dating relationship. It’s actually becoming a regular occurrence in our generation to have a “bae”, a “side chick”, a booty call, a friend with benefits, etc. However, as soon as a single girl starts talking to more than one guy, she’s usually branded as a slut.

Well, ladies and gentleman, I don’t agree with the new terminology such as having a “main” and “side.” People aren’t dishes at Applebee’s. There is nothing wrong with casual dating whether you’re a female or a male.  Don’t let anyone shame you for exploring what the world has to offer.  That’s the whole point in being single! It’s the best way to meet people and find out what you like, so let your freedom flag fly.