Turn the page

Two years in Torch time feels like a short few months.

Having been at this for half of a college career, I’ve seen staff turnover, I’ve seen changes in tradition, and now comes a change in culture.

Often I’ve been asked what I’m most excited for in this position, and what may be my greatest challenge. The answer has been the same for both every time.

16 staff members including our Editor-in-Chief either graduated or left us. It’s hard to be one of two remaining from my first year, knowing that many of my former coworkers have moved on.

This new staff brings it’s own challenges in staff training and comfortability in being a reporter, but what it brings is a chance at change.

Two years ago, we were fighting to stay alive and in print. Last year, we were challenged to go forward and advance our standards. This year we are challenged to become this University’s most reliable source of news.

It is with tenacious and truthful intent that we go forward into the 2014-15 publication year. We wish to be visible, approachable and trustworthy. Fluff pieces and lazy reporting are not an option.

Our service is for you, so take advantage of it. For you, we’ve built a new website, visit and comment on it. Write in to us, call our office phone and let us know you’re reading, whether you like what we’re writing or not. Your feedback in the end helps you receive even better news. Our staff pledges for the sake of the readers to work tirelessly, leave no stone unturned, and give you what you deserve. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Most importantly, be active in our news community. Tell us when there is something that needs to be said and tell us when there is something awry. If there is an opinion you wish to write, tell us. We take guest columns and publish them in the paper often.

We are committed to you the reader, and we are committed to becoming a great publication, and here is your open invitation to participate in it with us.